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John Westbay, born in 1990 in Brooklyn, NY, is a contemporary artist recognized for vibrantpaintings inspired by NYC’s rich history. Starting with street art in 2013, he draws influence from iconic artists like Haring and Warhol. Westbay’s work, displayed in U.S., European, and MiddleEastern galleries, blurs fine and commercial art, inspired by Kaws and Shepard… Continue reading JOHN WESTBAY


Lebanese abstract artist Stef Kai, boasting a rich background of over 12 years in the art world, seamlessly intertwines abstract impressionism with a profound connection to the natural world. In her mesmerizing creations, Kai captures the very essence of Mediterranean Nature, infusing her artworks with vibrant colors and evocative emotions. Each piece serves as a… Continue reading STEF KAI


Seth Benzel hails from the bustling streets of New York but now calls Ocala, Florida, his creative haven. Within these sunny confines, he orchestrates his artistic endeavors and is the mastermind behind the captivating 8th Ave. Gallery. Seth Benzel’s artistry doesn’t confine itself to geographic borders. His creative odyssey takes him on a journey, traversing both domestic and international landscapes, a wellspring of inspiration for his creations. From the dazzling vistas of Dubai to the enchanting allure of Spain and the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles, Benzel’s travels become the palette from which his art draws life.


The very first talent brought to La Cantine du Faubourg in Paris more than 18 years ago, the association with the artist Kokian is still going strong. Today, his black and white signature still adorns items such as menus and business cards with his canvases regularly making an appearance on the restaurant walls.Born in Paris… Continue reading KOKIAN


In March 2016 La Cantine du Faubourg welcomed Nadine Kanso, who in herself and through her work, is the very DNA of Dubai. Although Lebanon is her country of birth, Dubai has become her world of expression.She has experienced the city’s creative awakening and enthusiastic expansion over the past 17 years. From her roots to… Continue reading NADINE KANSO


The 2017 art season at La Cantine began with an exhibition around the works of the young Lebanese talent Ali Chaaban. At 25, Ali is already identified as one of the contemporary artists with the most interesting potential of the region.Ali is a Lebanese artist born and raised in Kuwait, an observer of culture and… Continue reading ALI CHAABAN


Every single one of his Stephane’s photographs is designed to be unique. As an Agent, assistant, artistic director, he has learned all the angles of his profession and has since become a renowned photographer. He learned photography techniques in NYC by watching the work of others, hanging out with the biggest fashion and art photographers… Continue reading STEPHANE DESSAINT


From May 2018 La Cantine du Faubourg welcomed the figurative and abstract artwork of German-Moroccan artist Tasnim Baghdadi. The illustrator, visual artist and designer is inspired by modern art and recording the process of searching for a contemporary visual language in the range between the abstract and the figurative. Past Exhibitions VIEW ALL EXHIBITIONS Make… Continue reading TASNIM BAGHDADI


March 2017 saw the Middle East Premiere of “ECLECTIC LINES” by the purveyor of powerfully positive digital print Camille Walala.Seen in venues and adorning buildings across London, Sydney, New York and beyond, Camille’s designs are instantly recognisable, explode with energy and are engineered to evoke a smile in anyone who sees them. She is influenced… Continue reading CAMILLE WALALA


In November 2015 La Cantine du Faubourg, in collaboration with Nicholas Spree from Woodbury Art, welcomed the “Godfather of Street Art” Richard Hambleton’s original works for their Dubai debut. Three never-before-seen original pieces and ten limited editions were on display.Richard Hambleton is recognized as one of the most legendary pop expressionists in history and pre-eminent… Continue reading RICHARD HAMBLETON

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