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SLIMI Magazine is a quarterly curation of inspirational imagery and exposé, featuring the masterworks of fashion. With each issue, SLIMI takes the reader on a visual journey exploring the worlds of art, fashion and travel through a new lens. It acts as a platform for talent, pushing it’s vision against the status-quo.For a celebration of… Continue reading SLIMI


Born in Beirut in 1983, Ihab Ahmad graduated in Visual Communication Art from the Lebanese University. Ihab’s work is diverse – In addition to acrylic & collage on canvas, he developed a symbiotic relationship with his intriguing natural geometric symbols such as fish, eyes, trees, all of which emerged as an intense & bright abstraction.… Continue reading IHAB AHMAD


John Andrew Perello, AKA JonOne, is a graffiti artist, born in 1963 in New York, USA. Born in New York’s Harlem neighborhood, Jon was introduced to street art at an early age, tagging his name on the city streets. In 1984, he founded the graffiti group 156 All Starz, which cemented his career path. Attending… Continue reading JONONE


La Cantine du Faubourg is excited to announce its new exhibition showcasing the French-Moroccan artist Samy Snoussi. Born in 1993 in Toulouse, Samy Snoussi has a degree in urban design from the University of Montreal and now lives between Casablanca and Paris. Samy SNOUSSI presents his first solo exhibition in July 2020 in Casablanca, at the exhibition center of the RUE DE TANGER. He participates in the AKAA (Also Known As Africa) a contemporary African art event.

Soon after, he exhibited internationally in 3 group shows, in London, Abidjan and Tangier. His works are now present at the Thema gallery and on the European digital gallery Singulart. On April, 2022, he participated in the international advertising campaign “land of light” for the promotion of his country Morocco. On July 27, 2022 he exhibited at the Parisian gallery GAIA alongside other emerging artists.

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